Our Value Statement

At Vector Careers we pride ourselves on our ability to develop long term partnerships with our clients. The goal of Vector Careers is to provide a service that is both valuable and useful. Our process of executive search has proven effective in drastically reducing attrition rates and securing quality employees. Your company will realize significant savings as resources are redirected from searching for candidates to maintaining business goals. Your time is valuable. Use it to train and motivate your staff and to cultivate a rewarding working environment.

Our Process

  • Evaluate your organization and together develop a specific job profile based on your company culture, position overview, requirements and qualifications through careful and detailed analysis.
  • Search locally, regionally and nationally for candidates that best fit your criteria. We do this by reviewing resumes from our internal database of thousands of candidates, which is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, and networking with our extensive contacts in the marketplace.
  • Identify the best pool of qualified candidates that most closely match your needs and culture through an extensive series of interviews.
  • Present the candidate to you with an individualized summary of qualifications and career highlights.
  • Evaluate the performance of the placement and provide ongoing support to secure quality, long-term employees.
“Nathalie is an energetic person who works to accomplish the mission. Nathalie is a great partner. Once Nathalie knows the objective, she is determined to find the person who meets the needs of her clients. Nathalie and I have worked together on the east and west coast, and one thing remains the same. Her support is eternal. Her commitment palpable, and her results legendary.”
Kamaar DeJarnette, MBA , Regional Director of Admissions at Delta Career Education Corporation
“I’m excited to report that in the five weeks our Vector Careers hire has been on board with Redstone he has made his presence known, and the best example of this is his breaking of the Redstone all-time high start rate held for over seven years!”
Area Vice President of Admissions
“The recruiting team at Vector Careers has surpassed my expectations. In the past few months we have hired several people from entry-level to executive management as we are building our online division. I look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Vector Careers.”
Director of Human Resources
“I would recommend Vector Careers to anyone who values customer service and creative problem solving during the recruitment process.”
Campus Director
“Built on a foundation of ethics and integrity Vector Careers forges loyal and trusting relationships with both clients and candidates that allow us to deliver hire quality…with personal touch.”
Christine Ford, President / CEO